Playing in Prophecy Rings

by Rachel Lynch in

900 IMG_7605 IMG_7638 IMG_7657 IMG_7676 IMG_7677 IMG_7682 IMG_7695 IMG_7702 IMG_7721If you're in New York this weekend and looking for somewhere to play, look no further than Henri Bendel. One of my favorite jewelry designers, PMT Jewelry is debuting their Prophecy Ring collection exclusively at Henri Bendel at their flagship store on 5th. They'll be around today and tomorrow, so come by and take a funky photo with a crystal ball on your finger.

They have quartz crystal, amethyst and silver/brass and all of it is handmade in LA. Each ring has a tiny gemstone under the quartz so they appear magnified when you look into them. Come by and weird out in Henri Bendel like I did, ya dig?


prophecy rings by PMT Jewelry

photos by Tessa Swag