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by Rachel Lynch in

They from bel air, I'm from the bottom. In this world, I've learned that it really doesn't matter. They tell you your chance of making it is one in a million, they're lying, it's working. Secretly, you were the only one that was willing.

Skin's getting thicker and hair's getting blonder, the secret recipe for any bad bitch that wants to get stronger. Sometimes I think about all the people I've known that have already given up on their dreams, because they wanted to stay comfortable or  in a relationship. Their relationship drains them slowly of everything that they are or their home becomes a prison of safety.  I've seen women with incredible vision and passion let let a boy distract them. So preoccupied with their boyfriend/girlfriend, they get down and never get back on top of bussiness. Or the one that keeps planning on moving out, leaving town and heading to Europe. They're 24 now and still live at home. It's like pushing on the door of the liquor store, see how far that'll get you.

If you want to do something, do it. Don't lose your dream for the sake of anyone else, yous a bad ass bitch all on your own.


pink circle shades by wildfox

pink  seeing stars sweater by wildfox

light pink mermaid hellbounds by UNIF