by Rachel Lynch in ,

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Pimpin' ain't easy for a babe like me, or a babe like you. The world wants us to chase the chains and the flashy, the very things that never satisfy. So you see, it's not easy out here for a pimp. It's hard to chase what you truly love when the culture's telling you to chase something else.

So I tell the world, "take my jersey, I retire." I don't want the same things as you. Once you feel this love and this truth, you'll be saying "put me in, i'm on fire." Do what you love and embrace the fear that comes with taking risks. Make art, make mistakes. Forget the material things, you've got two hands and were created for a dope purpose. So follow it with your whole heart, knowing you gave it your everything.

pimpin' shirt by Danielle Guizio

pink babygirl beanie by Danielle Guizio

baby blue jacket is vintage

blue aviators by Wildfox Couture

photos by Jaglever