physcadelic persuasion

by Rachel Lynch in

Last night was one of my first experiences of its sort. Slow moving body and the rhythm of the mind accelerating and dropping as I swoop from one thought to the next. Snorting off the back of Klosterman’s downtown owl isn’t exactly the planned purpose I had for the book but I’m not ashamed. Experience laced in risk taking. I don’t want to move my mind to the beats of safety any longer. In a layer of excitement and a line of chance, my mind drifted into lands of the heavy as it explored the unknown conditions of my desires. I had a new understanding of who I was and a new out look on my way of approaching and weighing experience. I felt wrapped up in the excess of it all and the world seems to me now like a purge of chances.

A model is an enigma, something that baffles common understanding.Lately I’ve been trying to bring a visible level of intensity to my work. All my recent work has been point and shoot. It is a complete parody. I want to shock people, make them uncomfortable. I have a photo shoot tomorrow down in Logan Square, aiming for a sort of Red Morning Light feel. Prepare to be shaken.