part of her opened the callow mind

by Rachel Lynch in

she has the sweetest, darkest sigh. your bones, your breath. she thinks she's all grown up, with love helping her find her way. She braids her own hair and gets herself ready for school, all under his eager eyes. the line and the dot, he is the lion and she is the tiger. As clear as night and day, or perhaps not. Morning coffee and nightly lovemaking are more complex then simply stating that the two existed. When she attempts to tell the narratives of their adventures, she gets lost. Combining school words with nomadic thought, she always comes to the conclusion that she will never be able to put these everyday experiences into words. They hang like fragments from above, exploding in their own silence. She is a lover of all kinds and her mind has moved far beyond the galaxies that stretch her past.

this month has been beautiful. And today, I didn't shed a tear. What I feel most proud of is the strengthening of my spirit. I think that's what spirit is, your vitality.