paradise cloud

by Rachel Lynch in ,

IMG_3367 copy IMG_3370 copy IMG_3375 copy IMG_3378 copy IMG_3380 copy IMG_3381 copy IMG_3384 copyThe first time I saw these BEENRARE sweatpants was on my girl, Alana (also known as lil trill.) I freaked out. I was like, "WHERE THE FUCK ARE THOSE PANTS FROM!" Also was blown away that she styled them dope with a blazer to wear to work! They looked so classy. She then told me about one of her boys uptown who had this brand. Needless to say, she immedietly hooked me up & I had a pair in my mailbox the following week.

And it's not just the sweatpants, I'm totally into his entire brand and what he stands for. And he's from New York, so you know I gotta love. He says we've all be "rare" since birth and we just have to embrace it. So head on over to his site, and become part of the #beentrill movement.

kill illuminati sweatpants by BEENRARE

wine crop top by Nastygal

bitch hat from Miss KL 

smile sunglasses by Jeremy Scott 

photos by JagLever