once, twice, she was three times the lady

by Rachel Lynch in

Okay... So maybe I'm clueless because I only hang with boys... but what's with drunk girls? Seriously, you guys get SOOOOO annoying after like two drinks. You start getting all giddy, and flirty and talkative and GOD FORBID start falling everywhere. No wonder the guys who are assholes like to go clubs to find girls, you're ready to open your legs right there!!

And the WORST is when you girls cry about it in the morning. Like, "He just used me for sex," (BIG SAD FACE AND A CONSTANT FLOW OF ROLLING TEARS!) I'm about to get Valley Girl on you here but... Like, DUHHH! What were you expecting? That you guys were gonna wake up and go to Tiffanys? Brunch?

No. Most likely, one of you will be doing the walk of shame to the subway and eating pop tarts when you get home. It's not #classy and by no means okay. Seriously girls, saying this because I love you! And... I am you! Learn to handle your drinks, don't get trashy and lose your panties. Don't go home with guys you meet at clubs. (Unless he lets you drive his Lamborghini right off the bat...) But really, watch what your drink and who you're with. Don't be that girl. It's not attractive and by no means cute. Little do you know, we're all laughing at you.

I'm not putting down anyone or calling anyone out, but I just think we can all have a good time while keeping our panties on.