on production and reproduction, republicans get it confused...

by Rachel Lynch in

Personally, I'm a little bit disappointed in Obama for taking back the right for all women to receive free birth control through insurance, even if they work at a Catholic institution. Seriously GOP, we're not living in some 50's micro-wave dinner, flower sofa fantasy-land, this is 2012 & women deserve safe and worry-free sex.

How could one even say that making a Catholic institution give out free birth control is an infringement on their "religious freedom" ???? It should be provided for free regardless of the Jesuit/Muslim/Catholic/Christian/Mormon/Sea-Horse title on the college. It is up to THE WOMEN if she wants to take it or not. You can still work at a religious university and chose not to take the free birth control... The point is, the option should be there. You say an infringement on "Religious Freedom?" How  about I say, an infringement on WOMEN'S RIGHTS.