OK, You're right... (Simple ways to increase abortion rates in America)

by Rachel Lynch in

THIS MONTH, The Obama Administration made a decision under the new health care law requiring insurance plans at universities to cover birth control without copayments for employees, which INCLUDES students.

If you've ever read anything on the health benefits of birth control for women, you're thinking "GOOD FUCKING IDEA!!" If you're a conservative voter, you're thinking, "BRING ME NEWT!!!" (We all know Gingrich is conservatives' true champ..)

And now that it is New York state law that college's health plans cover the cost of birth control, there are a few pickles amongst the universities that are unwilling to comply. All these pickles just happen to be (dun, dun, dun...) CATHOLIC UNIVERSITIES! Woah, I know... you're shocked. (I am too.)

Take Fordham for example, the New York Times reported this week that they actually are refusing to give students birth control. Woah! Are we erring on the side of illegal????? I think yes. Is it more important to keep roman catholic tenets or protect young females? Ummm, I guess that's up to you, cardinal boss sauce. But let's think about this: Not only does birth control prevent unwanted pregnancy, it also protects against a number of diseases for women. Birth control has actually been proven to benefit the health of it's consumers in several clinical trials.

According to statistics, 98% of sexually active Catholic women have use contraceptives - duh. We're not living in vintage Rome, THERE ARE DISEASES OUT THERE PEOPLE!! If you're a smart bitch, you'll get your contraception right. These "Catholic Women" are probs just a little smarter than these 60+ vintage, conservative voters who don't have to worry about living in a world filled with  dating/fucking/being  gay/one night stands/hookups/STI's/STD's/Cherry Pop Tarts... So why should they be making any of the calls?

But most importantly, Don't Catholic institutions understand that the denial of birth control increases abortion rates among students? We don't want to go killing all our gay fetuses now, do we?