"Oh my Love, Sailing Always"

by Rachel Lynch in

“living is an art, not something that you fit in around your job”

I think I want to get a life instead of a job. I fully believe in the idea that no one is able to truly communicate these days because everyone is too busy pretending to be important and happy. It has become apparent to me that I can never be fully exposed to another’s true self unless they give up all pretense. I am guilty myself. Much of the time, and the times in between that, I’m busy pretending to be happy. I think it would be much more fulfilling if I could learn to live in my real expressions and motions. An artist can never make anything that comes from meaning if they are busy faking it.

Lately, I’ve been giving that up; The whole ‘faking it’ bit. Frankly, I’m exhausted with it. I want to gain the ability to express myself without compromise. If I can eliminate that, then what remains is the ideas and thoughts that actually make me up. And that’s whats real. I’ve craving that deliciously crisp and raw feeling that turns inside me.