by Rachel Lynch in

Marie Antoinette, the 14 year-old charmer that married the King of France. She's the type of girl the Kings of Leon would have wrote a song about, sweet with a motive. Born in Vienna, the youngest and most beautiful daughter of the Austrian King. The french people liked her at first, but then grew to hate her. The Diamond Necklace  incident, spending habits and her promiscuity made her "Madame Deficit" to the French people. Probably the modern-day equivalent of spending all your boyfriend's money of wildfox sweaters and jeffery campbell platforms.

I'm thinking of being a modern/punk/pink Marie Antoinette for Halloween! What do you think?! What are you going to be? Halloween is seriously my favorite holiday and I'm so indecisive, I may have a few different costumes, but I kind of want one GOLDEN one, you know? I'm also thinking of doing some sort of costume contest through my blog + instagram (@ihateblonde).

What are you Halloween thoughts? What are you doing to celebrate ?

flowers from manhattan market

seeing stars lennon sweater from Wildfox White Label

leopard stud jacket by UNIF 

photos by Monica Baddar (follow "wildspine" on tumblr)