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You know you like it, but it drives you insane. Some people want me to be heads or tails. I should be happy, not tipping the scales. I'm no fool. I don't take things as they come, if they bring me down. I'm a dreamer and I just want to have so fun. Don't tell me what to wear, don't tell me how things should be done. You know you like it, but you're scared of the shame.

I want you to be yourself. I love it when I see you having fun. And you can call me your fool, but I just wanna see my baby smile.

I love Fashion Week, but some people take it so seriously... it's almost hysterical. I know, I know.. collections and business and everything is very serious! But street style? Come on, that's personal art. That's someone's prerogative and soul. Does it really matter what you think of them? Your negative opinions only affect you, not the person you're attempting to project at. People should be enjoying themselves, not bashing others. What a waste of energy.

I must say, I haven't wasted a second. I've been having such a good times this week. And no, not because of the free clothes, food, drinks and everything. I've been having a good time because I've spent it with my best friend and fellow fashion blogger, Jag Lever. And our good friend, Brandon! Friends are everything. People over dumb clothes, anyday.

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red fur jacket by UNIF

spike crop top by UNIF

spike collar by Nastygal

smile shades by Jeremy Scott

photos by fashionfoc.us