by Rachel Lynch in

Welcome to the New Year, brought to you by  dancing, drinks, moon furries and dill pickles. Demons on the bleachers can take a fucking hike, I guarantee I'll get more lost than you this year. I set no resolutions, other than to give more of myself away. I skid between morning track workouts and midnight photo-shoots. I'm a diverse mother fucker. Two extremes, and bitches are making me feel like I can't have both. Regardless, I'll learn to find a balance where there should be none. The beginning of the year will reveal my second book, a coffee table exclusive for your raunchy brooklyn apartment. I'll be creating images, meeting with managers and learning to rap. Perhaps, I should finish reading Lolita as well.

Break into a mobile home, go for a run in a torrential downpour on navy pier then proceed to jump into lake michigan.