NOTES TO SELF: 11/29/11

by Rachel Lynch in

1. You have to exercise before work. You're a B!TCH$*@&)!  if you don't.

2. Marshmallow Santa's are delicious and are perfect for a pre-4 mile run snack. They also make for cute surprises.

3. If one of the first things a guy asks you is, "What's your sign?"... It's really not going anywhere. He's too skeptical, I give it 2 weeks. TOPS.

4. Habitual mockery is a strong indicator of depression.

5. My therapist thinks it's a problem that I have to text my dad all day, every day. I think she has unresolved "daddy" issues. #jealous

6. boys make the BEST best friends.

7. It really sucks that you got your fake ID taken away at Lady Gaga's Party. But let's face it, no one was buying that you were from texas anyway. #overit

8. Karma only exists if you acknowledge her. Don't be a fool.