nineteen and the world is effortless

by Rachel Lynch in

Spent my birthday on the prowl in the city wearing black thigh-highs, barley-there flowere dress, aviators and  sam eldmen harness booties. I wandered all night and day, didn't see my apartment from friday to sunday, which is the way I like it. I bought a Marc Jacobs top hat, perfect for completeing lazy fall looks and a few pairs of vintage denim shorts that i intended to fix up. For dinner, I ate at french bistro and sipped on some delicious drinks. Classy birthdays are good and I've got two main goals in mind for this year. The first is to run in at at least one half-marathon race before  I turn 20, but hopefully more. And the second goal is the get a part in a small indie film or television series.

Bring on the year. A few celebration photos below and more to come,

petite french bithday cake