by Rachel Lynch in

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We are our blondest at night. You think I'm cold as ice, I'm just not easy to burn. Pixie dust. Welcome to the shark tank, top floor of the Standard, also known as the Boom Boom Room. I had some fun snapping a few quick pictures with the shark himself, Cesar Soto during the BCBG after-party. I'm really looking forward to shooting an editorial with him this Spring.

Need to get in your Empire State of Mind? Look no further than the Standard's Boom Boom Room. Arguably, one of the best views of the city. (Unless, you do that Empire State Building stuff...) Fashion gets real at night. I don't think I've changed my outfits so many times in one day as I have this week. I feel like a  doll.

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my little pony  fur coat  by nastygal

gold Egypt necklace by nastygal

black playsuit by stylestalker

braclet by BCBG