never needed to know just where we were,

by Rachel Lynch in

Fast food restaurants, liquor stores and big churches. Repeat, repeat. Nothing new, same city, same struggles. No wonder our souls all end up in the same place. Living downtown is seen as the dream, the ultimate goal in ones pursuit of a permanent nest. Although it has its lights and flowers, there is still one thing we city dwellers are very deprived of.

Nature. I believe that regular exposure to the natural world is necessary for the soul. In all its quietness and mystery, the outdoors is a healer for our human spirits. After spending the last two sunrises on hidden trails, jumping logs and running alongside my marathoner father, I can recommend nothing better in terms of spiritual healing. I long jump over fallen trees and sprint against the river as the orange sun rises. As we attempt to get lost amongst the tall woods, my soul cries out in joy; for it recognizes that it is home.

if you find yourself alone..