my kind of wild

by Rachel Lynch in

And I'm at this point where I find everyone beautiful. I see a human face and I am consumed by its soft nature, its light. I think I could love anybody. I think I could find beauty in anything. I believe the best way to serve the being that made us is to serve fellow man. I see a girl now with eyes like a deer and cheekbones like headlights. There are those women who demanded attention, because they know who they are. They establish themselves in the room because they have established themselves in the world. But, this girl that I see isn't like that. She isn't sure of herself. She's fucked up once or twice, you can see it in her face. Yeah a girl that's all put together is really catchy, but there's something about this girl in particular. Something about those girls from that neck of the woods where they shake their legs uncontrollably and give you that stare that says, "Yeah.. I've been to hell and back.. and I don't give a fuck."

photos by: Teddy Meyer

words by: Me, Clip preview for my new book coming out next month