Morning-After Beauty Tricks

by Rachel Lynch in

You've had an AMAZING (but unplanned) sleepover at a boy's last night... and now he's asking you to go out with him for brunch. Lovely, BUT... your make-up bags at home!!! WHAT DO YOU DO?

OKAY LISTEN... I'm going to admit something to all you lovely readers here, and it may come off as WAAAAAAAAAAAY slutty, but I honestly feel like you might benefit from it...  Whenever I go on a date, that i think may become a sleepover party, I bring a little make-up with me. AHHH! I know, total #slutmove... but it's saved me many times. I mean, I'm always carrying the lipsticks I've got on in my purse, but it doesn't hurt to throw in some mascara & face-powder. DON'T bring eyeliner or eye-shadow, that's just stupid. You want to look au natural, (with a little boost from covergirl, of corse..)

But look, if you're too drunk to remember where you left your purse or too blonde to remember to grab these items on your way out the door, here's some tips i grabbed from Cosmo -- 

  • Construct a makeshift toothbrush: Wrap a paper towel around your finger, wet it, and apply toothpaste.
  • Sprinkle talcum powder on your rooks and rake your fingers through like a comb to soak up oil. (I MEAN... If you want to go all out... but I believe SEX HAIR =  SEXY HAIR.)
  • Use a cotton swab to remove wayward eyeliner or mascara, then add a little water to help redistribute the color at the upper lash line. (Nothing's less sexy then make-up everywhere, don't wear so much to begin with.. I say)
  • & For a subtle, sexy dewiness, rub his lip balm on your cheeks. You can also dab a little on your fingers to tame unruly brows.