moon child

by Rachel Lynch in

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Moon child vibes in St. Marks. I received these awesome skull detail lace leggings last week and knew I had to shoot them in the East Village. I've been spending all my mornings in the village as of late, and wouldn't want it any other way. I love the speedy working vibes, the dark colors, the oversizes scarfs and punk-dressed kids. I can't wait till it gets a little warmer out so I can just sit outside and write what I see. My daily uniform has been all black lately. A big black tee or sweater with some type of tight fitting legging or jean. It nice when the black has a small amount of detail though, like these leggings. It's subtle but stylish. It's just too cold to wear color here. I shot this look outside and it was literally 14 degrees out. (Sitting on those metal steps was like sitting on an iceberg!) I  am desperately looking forward to warmer days where I can drink my coffee outside, and wear a leather jacket as my only jacket. Ahhh, spring come on!

skeleton lace leggings by Pretty Attitude 

moon tee by Gypsy Warrior 

sunglasses by Wildfox Couture 

photos by Lydia Hudgens