moon baby

by Rachel Lynch in

rachel lynch, UNIFIMG_1122 (1)289fiveeizlesizzzzxxxspace77Moon baby. The most luminous creature in the night sky. So young, so how are you to know, you're a carrier of the light inside of you? Luna, the earth's only natural satellite. In love when the night fills the sky. So I've got to sit up, for my heart to calm down.

The moon pulls the tides, sinking in the sands. The length of the day. You can't break. Chasing ghosts. The ghoulish entities that fill your night bedroom. They come floating through the walls, they come floating through your dolls. You are never scared. You are alive in the light of the moon. A space baby. Solar eclipse that sends you into a spiral of feeling. Full rotation, I don't know what I believe in.

holo dress by UNIF

platforms by YRU

sunglasses by Nasty Gal

space jacket by UNIF

photos by alix rae