Minty Jungle

by Rachel Lynch in

mintyjunglr4 mintyjungle11 mintyjungle1 mintyjungle2 mintyjungle3 mintyjungle5 mintyjunglr9 mintyjungle6 mintyjungle7 mintyjungle8Lost blonde in the Minty Jungle. Jungle hair and warrior crop tops. Amazon vibes and leather details. High in the clouds. In it to win it and stuntin in sky colors. Appearing in magic. Metallic metals and reflective blues, it's summer in the city.

clash leather chiffon jacket by Minty Jungle

Tie Dye Chiffon Shorts by Minty Jungle

Happy Daze Cross-body bag by Minty Jungle

woody boot by T.U.K. Shoes

sunglasses by Zero UV

photos by Stylefeen

Make-up + Hair by Kayti Hurd