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"I think literary culture in the United States has become this place with lots of rules and conventions, where you have to go to the right schools and appear in the right magazines. If you don't follow those rules, you're ostracized. I think it's stupid and ridiculous and sort of sad. I wanted to become a writer to break rules and get in trouble and do things that push boundaries and explore new places."

-- James Frey

Currently working on curating a Hotel Milk book release party with the pop art expert, Kiara Jade. At first I though it might be a good thing to release this in a gallery, because its more than just a book. But I think I've decided on throwing a "Hotel Milk" hotel party. I want this book to be that random cluster of pages on your coffee table that's  visually stimulating for guests and randoms. I love the ability to integrate words and photos into one cohesive piece.

"Right now we're in the middle of the greatest revolution in publishing since the invention of the printing press. We have the internet and digital devices like the Kindle and iPad. I don't need a publisher to release my books on those things," said James Frey in an interview with Vice, regarding his new book, "The Gospel of Glut."

Now in a digital society, we have more of an opportunity to misbehave and do as we please. We can get out of hand and publish things that in the past would have been cast out to where the wild things are. I'm interested in pushing sexual boundaries and political scandal. Nothing makes the news like outspoken wildcards, who don't know when to cork it.

"The idea of what you can do with a book and what it's called... the classifications of fact and fiction and memoir and autobiography are all idiotic. Something's a book, and everything else is irrelevant. What's relevant is when someone picks it up and reads it and how it makes them feel, or if it makes them think or if it was was worth their time. All the other stuff is just bullshit."

-- James Frey

"Sell books, entertain people, let them have fun"

Hotel Milk