Mi Mujer // Hotel Party Edition

by Rachel Lynch in

party1 party2 IMG_4372 copy party3 party4 party6 party7 party9 party10 party12 party13 party14 party15 party19 party20 party21 party22 party23 party24 party26 party27 party30Once again, I threw a hotel party and kind of forgot to take pictures. Not that I really had a chance this time. This was actually the first hotel party I had that was shut down by security. It's never happened to me before! I'm surprised too, because we were all the way at the top floor of the Dana in the corner balcony suite,  with a club above us, so it would be impossible to hear us. Apparently though, too many people were down in the lobby trying to get up. I apologize to my friends who didn't make it in time/ who were upset, etc. Not exactly my choice, I'll guess I'll just have to be more careful next time.

The rest of the night was wild and splendid though, we went out to two clubs I've never been to before. We got free drinks, cried in the bathroom and danced. Then when we got back to the hotel around 4:30, some of our friends were just arriving, so it kind of worked out. Maybe I'll try planning better for New Years.


crop top by Nastygal 

hat by Nastygal

silver body chain by Nastygal

bad leather belt by This is a Love Song

leather shorts by Nastygal

mirror black aviators by Wildfox

photos by The Worn Out