Mermaid Lolita

by Rachel Lynch in

web-1 web-2 web-3 web-4 web-7 web-8 web-10 web-11 web-12 web-13 web-17 web-18 web-29 web-30 web-33 web-34 web-36 web-38 web-40 web-45 web-48What's needed for the perfect Mermaid Lolita look? Well first, you're going to have to get some seawater blue heart sunnies and toss them over your wavy beach-blonde seashell hair. Then you'll need the perfect mermaid outfit, I suggest an aqua teal playsuit so one is able to have mermaid-esque fun. Landlocked mermaids can enjoy things such as listening to music, painting, dancing and rollerblading. Lastly, a true mermaid is going to need a silver seashell bag, in order to stay connected to her sea lovers and friends. I suggest AC Brazil, for all your seashell bolsa needs. They've also got domino and turquoise tie-dye bags for those more playful mermaids. This purse company is Brazilian but they only take eight days to ship to New York! I just adored having my little shell of a bag on the rooftop of the Standard Hotel in downtown Manhattan.

Happy Saturday my blonde magical mermaids, may all your dreams come true today!

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seashell bag by AC Brazil

seaside lolita sunnies by Nasty Gal

turquoise playsuit by Nasty Gal

photos by Phillip Van Nostrand