Manhattan to Paris

by Rachel Lynch in

Hotel to hotel. Girl, I could use your company. Full name and birthday, I book a flight and you come to me.

Hotels are like homes, getaway weekends are like months, and mimosas for breakfast is standard. You can learn a lot from inhabiting different hotels, the people that stay there;  together, alone, on the smoking floors, in the penthouses or tucked away in the corner towers. The europeans, the americans and everything in between. I learned that Aussies hate South Americans, and vice versa, but I love the rap music from both cultures. There's too much that I don't know. And so much that I want to know.

My lease is up on Christmas day and I have no idea what I want to do yet. I'm mailing everything home and inhabiting a hotel. Throwing away all bedding and furniture, and starting over, yet again.