making love in the russian hotel

by Rachel Lynch in

Naked if I want to in this dark glowing night, illuminating the joys, horrors and unexpected fortunes of art. Lounging in the sensations of light and dark, we stretch the mind in its basement. Dressing down in bodysuits and feathers, scratching my skull on your bias opinions.

All your hopes for the day rush at you at you like wild animals. I don't run with the heard so they can't hunt me down. I'm more alive then I'll ever be.

I will make my home here.

Oh dear body of mine, I love and hate you so. I hope you run away with all your needs and stay close with your will-power. You can run me to the ends of the earth a thousand times and I will always remain within the mind, pretending that I have control over your fluid motion. You behave according to the divine, not my thoughts.

Walking across the coast with the bohemians. The pure bohemians.