she makes magic

by Rachel Lynch in ,

rachel lynch, i hate blonderachel lynch, i hate blonde_MG_3627ssrachel lynch, i hate blonde_MG_3607rachel lynch, i hate blonderachel lynch, i hate blonderachel lynch, i hate blonderachel lynch, i hate blondeShift to a place called, "unconditional love." The currency for attracting what we want into our lives is our thoughts. What you think, so shall you be. Practice being kind, rather than right. Your soul mates are your greatest teachers. Wish what you want into your life. Then, intend to create what you wish for. If it doesn't work out, learn whatever you have to learn from it not working out. Your intention must be so powerful that you become independent of the good opinion of other people. Don't tell anybody else what you want to manifest, because the minute that you do, you evoke ego. In quantum physics, there is a simple line that says, "particles themselves are not responsible for their own creation." Manifesting is a spiritual journey. To be inspired means to be "in spirit." And lastly, you must be in passion. What you wish for, ask for, intend for, and have passion for, you will create.

clothing by Our Prince of Peace

photos by Emma Lauren