Lush Carnal Collections

by Rachel Lynch in

To much surprise or very little,  illegal tender clothing ( has become Lush Carnal Collections. I’ve changed the name for a number of reasons but the main one being my new artistic vision and aesthetic.  I’ve grown very much since I started the line and I feel as if “illegaltender” does not have the ability to represent the growing artistic sensibility inside me. Sure it sounds cliche and everything, but what is most important to me about art and design is honesty. If your product and vision are not honest then they aren’t going to work. This simple truth is very evident if you take a look at the different artists and designers out there. For me, its not about making money or fame, its about doing what I love because I simply can’t do anything else. Its like, you do it because you don’t know what else to do. You just have to. A special someone that I regard and respect as a mentor once said to me, “To be a true artist you have to produce from within yourself”.  I feel the truth of this statement every time I take charcoal to my sketch pages.

It isn’t about experience. One of my philosophy professors once told me to “cultivate ignorance”.  Its important to see things with the joyous eye of the artist and not with the self-righteous sneer of the social reformer.  For me, Lush Carnal is about taking risks and letting things happen. Of course sticking to common trends seems rational but maybe its time to let go of the weak dreams and just fucking go. Expressing without the boundaries of fitting limits and motion towards a mode that cuts into the standard way of perceiving. Lets face it, control is an illusion.