lovers part

by Rachel Lynch in

Winter spills in through the cracks in your paris apartment, lovers part. You fall asleep with flowers in your hair, because your lover has left and you have nothing else to make you feel beautiful. Waking up to a handful of cold sheets, you pull them up higher to cover your cold shoulders and ignore the daylight.

You seek to find meaning in an empty bed, it feels like a mermaid shell with no pearl inside. Coral tears spill down your face, tangled hair and a nose dive back into your pillow. You throw a smile on to make it okay, to face the day with small bravery, and glimpse of hope that everything just might be okay.

pink cross shorts by  Young Hungry Free

white lingerie top by Nasty Gal

cream shawl by American Apparel

pink mermaid hellbounds by UNIF

silver arm cuff by Young Hungry Free