love is the answer,

by Rachel Lynch in

what happens when you create a need for something in the world? Something that people never knew they needed before. Sometimes things appear impossible, but life has a way of taking you there no matter what.

I hate to feel behind, especially behind on my thoughts. Lately, with all this traveling, I feel as if my body is moving and experiencing the world faster than my mind can take it in. I suppose there is some value in reflecting back on what happens but I hate spending all my time in the past. They say the present is where we should be, fully present and aware of the world around us. I agree, but at the same time I'm in love with the art of the photograph. And as we all know, the photograph captures a memory, it is a direct reflection. I feel there is something meaningful about documenting a moment and giving it to others to re-live again and again. But, maybe I'm just silly.