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"When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breath, then you will be successful." I didn't know what that meant when I first began my nine-week journey to the NYC Half Marathon, but I do now. I was lucky to be sponsored by DavidBartonGym in New York City. Running outside during the winter months on the east coast is hard, and when training for a half marathon, you can't simply just run. Most days, I would venture down to the East Village to start my day at DavidBartonGym. The coolest gym, I've ever been to, you feel like you're in a club. It was a good atmosphere, especially when I had to endure long days of training. I'd have 7-mile training runs on a winter storm Wednesday and fartlek speed training on Saturdays.

Let me tell you that the choice to believe in yourself will change your world. If the idea of running 13.1 miles isn't scary enough, image running it amongst the best through the streets of New York City. I decided to step away from my fear and believe that I could do it. My coach told me that, "I would not be the same person I was at the end of this training," and he was right. DavidBartonGym assisted me with personal trainers and I was surrounded by an atmosphere of people who wouldn't let me quit.

You see, a lot of people want to achieve things, but they only talk about it. They never end up doing anything to make their dreams a reality. A lot of people want success, but they just kind of want it-  they don't want it as bad as they want to sleep, they don't want it as bad as they want to party. If you want to change things in your life, you have to do what you've never done before. I changed my life, walked into the water without looking back. I challenged myself to face a fear, and I have to tell you that there is nothing more fulfilling in this life. In challenging myself to make a dream become a reality, I carried that mentality over to everything else in my life. My career, my blog, my relationships, my lifestyle choices and my character.

Do not quit, you have to want it. Do not cry to give up, cry to keep going. Do not go to sleep until you succeed.