by Rachel Lynch in

Lolita Kawaii. Switch your laces, bubble gum, cotton-candy pink and stay cute. Strawberry swirl ice cream cones and lisa frank freaks. She wore her bones to the ball and threw confetti at the boys. Sweet Lolita Kawaii ate vanilla frosting in her sunglasses and woke up to put flowers in her hair. Her friends were named after the planets and had harajuku princess nails. Purple and baby blue hair, her friends completed the rainbow. Electric skeleton, barbie gun and kittens for keeps, they drank pink-lemonade and gossiped about girls.

P.S. can you spot the kitty in TWO of these pictures!? 

flower crown handmade by me 

death becomes her sweater by wildfox

the hot pink and the mermaid hellbounds by UNIF

coral lip color by  Lime Crime