she lived at the plaza hotel

by Rachel Lynch in


It was once said, "nothing unimportant ever happens at The Plaza." She hoped it was true as she packed her heart shaped suitcase in excitement for the adventure that awaited.

The Plaza Hotel was the place of her dreams. All Fifth Avenue glamour. It's the kind of place you retire to after a day of cappuccinos and couture shopping. The Plaza first opened it's doors on October 1, 1907 in a flurry of impressive reviews in the most fashionable residential section of New York City.

They checked in early, walking through a front door of timeless chandeliers, already at a loss for where the concierge was. It had all the glory of a French chateau, and the prince and princesses were ready to check into their castle.

They settled on a 16th floor suite with a view of Fifth Avenue. Taking the golden elevator all the way up, the butler dropped their bags in the door and they promptly jumped onto the white bed, as soft and sinking as the sea.

She opened her heart suitcase and hung her dresses in the closet. A pastel blue dress, metallic platforms, a black bodysuit, a white bodysuit and a pink sequin gown for the most special of occasions. She also packed big necklaces of gold and silver and a tiara made of moon crystals.

There was a knock at the door. A special chocolate fudge cake had been delivered to their room with a bottle of french champagne. A card with her name in a heart lay atop the glass tray.

She slipped into her pink sparkle dress and crystal crown and took little bites of chocolate cake with a silver spoon, washed down with sips of bubbly champagne.

They began taking photos from the bed, then moved to the plush velvet baby blue chairs. The moved around all the fabulous furniture in the room, just like playing in a dollhouse. One of the dolls ordered an avocado sandwich, sat in the corner in her purple hair and purple dress, and had her own little tea party on the floor.

As the afternoon sun waned, they decided it would be a good idea to explore the rest of the hotel. They ran out of the room, brining along jewels and metallic shoes of all sorts. They snuck photos and giggles in the elevator, the lobby, and even the high tea room. They ran across red velvet rugs and caught the attention of everyone with their Royal Tenenbaums demeanor. They contemplated stealing a french telephone, but quickly dismissed that idea.

Upon returning to the room, they had more champagne delivered, chocolate covered strawberries and a tray of shrimp. It was the fanciest of fancy, the dream world made reality.

She felt the electricity of the champagne and decided to start changing her clothes. She threw her garments everywhere, trying on everything she had. He turned her crystal crown into a crown of flowers, and made her a princess skirt of black tool. They made a mess, but didn't mind at all. They hid in the sheer curtains and kissed in the bathroom. Happiness is something that cannot be touched or tasted, but she could feel it all around her.

The clock struck 7pm and the guests started to arrive. All of her beautiful friends dressed so lovely for the occasion. Their presence nearly melted her heart. It was like having everyone you love inside a giant castle of vanilla creaminess and melting in the sweetness of it all. They ordered even more french champagne and made a toast to the night, a toast to classic New York, a toast to artists and new friends. The night became a swirl of party games, spin the bottle, laughs and too many photographs. Kisses and large orders of room service. French fries, caviar, shrimp, whipped cream, and anything of the like was delivered to their door throughout the night. Then, they all decided to take a bubble bath as they laughed and listened to music. Luckily when you're staying at a palace, there's enough white plush towels to go around. Everything smelled like lavender and bubbles.

It was getting late, and as guests said their goodbyes, she stepped over piles of pink confetti to fall into her white-sea bed. She cuddled between people she adored very much, and felt as happy as a french princess.

All girls should live at The Plaza Hotel, or at least pretend to.

x x

white helix strapless dress by Nasty Gal

the rio one piece by Lee and Lani from Nasty Gal

just blue it dress by Nasty Gal

pink sequin vanna dress by Nasty Gal

skips a beat black bodysuit by Nasty Gal

metallic platforms by Giuseppe

photographer Jen Senn

art director David Aronson

makeup + hair Kayti Hurd