like art could save a wretch like me

by Rachel Lynch in


I showed up on his doorstep in tears.  I didn’t have to say anything.  He picked me up and carried me through the door. I notched a lot of things had changed as he pulled off my grubby sweater. As my arm came out of it, I struck my hand lightly on something above. Wondering what it was, my attention moved towards the bed and the new sheets upon it. I saw something on the wall directly across from where we used to sleep but it was too small to read. There were too many things to understand and he wasn’t saying anything. My ex proceeded to carry me into the dim light bathroom and start the water. He gently undressed me as I continued in my hysteric sobs. “Shhh, Shhh”, came out of his lips as he used his fingers to part my long hair. He lifted me up and set me down into the bath. Brushing my hair back, the endless tears seemed to be reaching a ceasing point. He lifted up my head with his fingers, “You need to quit believing what they tell you to”, he said. I brought my knees into my chest; he pulled me out of my shell and said, “You’re strong-willed in your own ways. But you have to direct yourself out of this thing, not into it. Don’t fold up”. The water made a distinct noise as his hands washed around my spine. I still was sniffling in tears but I knew he was pulling me out of my selfishness. My cheeks began to blush and I pushed the salty water out from my eyes.  As I moved my cold hands back into the water, I could tell he understood everything as he softly said, “I know you’re weak, but you must keep moving, until the day you finally wake up and you’re not afraid”.

The intrinsic vale and indispensability of a person, which is a truth seen by the eyes of unselfish love.