lick your lips in animal masks and joie de vivre

by Rachel Lynch in

Some of us are so far in, we can't get out. Seriously, we're so engulfed in this life dripping with visual stimulation that we can't comprehend a person in a world without it. I set my standards and goals alongside my visual desires. I fall asleep at night to these images I want to create, images that are trapped in my head. And these images aren't just to shock you and the public eye, they are for me. They are expressions of myself and my 10,000 taste buds.

Did you know that we have well over 10,000 taste buds, but they're not all on the tongue. We have some under the tongue, on the inside of our cheeks, on our cheeks and even a few on our lips.

I feel all over the place like my taste buds. I have this creative concept but it keeps growing and changing. Then of course when you actually go to produce it, it comes through the lens completely different and you must either accept it or try again. Sometimes I'm jealous of those artists without a cause or concept. I fall asleep to conceptual ideas but it always seems I like what comes through the lens better when I just don't give a fuck.

p.s. -- Someone (aka me) needs to just get her balls together and move to Los Angeles already.