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Since our government decided to let us eat cake as of 12:01 am last night, I decided this sweater was appropriate for today. Typically in a government shut down, essential services are suppose to keep running. Apparently though, the federal government thought it would be a good idea to shut down WIC. If you don't know what that is, "Women Infants and Children" is a program that supports low income women and children up to the age of 5 with the ability to get groceries, baby food and basic things they need. I'd call that pretty "essential," but what do I know.. I'm a blogger, not a member of congress.

Hopefully this nonsense won't go on for too long, and political games won't effect the ability of women in our country to get food. Regardless, today I'm doing things the same. I mean, just because the government shut down, doesn't mean you have to wear pants.


piece of cake sweater by Wildfox

blue aviators by wildfox

sailor moon shoes by Jeffrey Campbell

photos by Juan Beltran