by Rachel Lynch in

I feel like often, many of us tend to get stuck in negative thought patterns. When we’re in such places, it’s hard to ever imagine a way out. We’re inside the undertow and it’s engulfing us. Negativity is a wave inside our brain… and just like all waves, they must break.

I recently acquired a new trick to help me perceive the world differently. Not better, just differently. Did you know that whatever dominant hand you are, you perceive things on that side of your body more positively than things on your non-dominant side? So if you’re going in for a job interview, and the interviewer is right-handed, you should approach him/her on their right side so they automatically perceive you better. Silly, but it’s simply the way our brain works.

The trick is this, if you find yourself stuck in a mental rut, you should try doing simple/daily activities with your non-dominant hand. This will force your brain to work on the other side and help change your perception. A psychologist at the New School for Social Research found evidence that the way we use our bodies causes our minds to develop along unique trajectories that influence perception. Simple, it almost seems it should be a part of common sense once someone says it. The more I read about the brain, the less mysterious is becomes.

I’ll always be a lefty, but I’m giving the right a try… at least, for a couple of days.