love on diamond street

by Rachel Lynch in , , ,

ARS1rf1ARs4 Ars6rf2Ars8 Ars9rf3Ars11 Ars12 Ars13 Ars14 ARS16 ARS17 ARS19rf4ARS21La mer de mon reve and sunrise love on diamond street. Glass blue eyes crystalized behind a pair of pink hearts because she's with you. It has been told that we leave our love in our summer skin, but you picked me up, and we cruised Pacific Coast Highway, and it just happened to be 90 degrees in Los Angeles on this winter day. Palm trees lined the mountains as we coasted along churches and houses hidden in the hills, the sun flowing in at a right angle. Symmetrical sky. It felt like we were characters in a summer novel, living where the soul meets body. We let the sun wrap it's arms around us. We bathed our skin in the January ocean. It's 6AM and this must be what it feels like to be new. The last night I spent with you, we failed at making hot coco and peeled the freckles from our shoulders. I had to put my love back in my summer skin, warm hues of gold and all. I knew in my heart, I'd see you again soon. And if in the meantime, the sea takes you, then I hope it takes me too.

red heart sweater by Wildfox

sunglasses by Zero UV

kick ass boots by Jeffrey Campbell

shot by Taylor Herron