Kicking In Malicious Delight

by Rachel Lynch in

10:43 AM, I’m sitting in my car ripping holes in my tights with my keys. Actually, the holes were prexisting so I was just making them worse. …Or better, depends on how ripped you like your tights I suppose.

Anyways, I was waiting in my car  for my mom to show up, so she could walk my little ass into the doctors. To make it short, I was sarcastic, rude and “unreceptive”.  I was only dragged there because I passed out the previous day. Nothing too dramatic, or so I’d like to think. I feel that medical professionals have a bias or inclination towards making things all too theatrical. Of course, they make their money off the problems of others, so why wouldn’t they jazz it up a bit? Throw in a few med school words and they’ve got you beliving you’re terminally ill.

But all uneffective sarcasm aside, I should learn a lesson from this little incident. It’s a cruel reminder that life happens, that the laws of nature will knock you on your arrogant ass no matter how hard you fight.