kick and push // crash and burn

by Rachel Lynch in

Coca-Cola and the top down, I'm in love with the simple things. A kick and a push through the sand on my deck, We love the things that keep brining out the kids in us. Just a little crop shirt, jumping all over the house, twizzlers hanging out of my mouth, looking like a child. It's like I don't know my age,  because all I do is smile. And it doesn't matter if I'm in New York, I keep it LA/chill till I die. And that's why I keep it close with California brands like, Crash and Burn, because they know my vibe and my heart. And for a limited time you can get a discount on their site if you enter this code from my blog:

Promo Code: IHATEBLOND (enter when checking out to get 20% off the entire site

Valid: 9/18/12 -10/18/12

And then you can send a kiss to blondie for hooking it up


top by Crash and Burn

skirt by BCBG

shoes by Vans