kabir II

by Rachel Lynch in

1 kabir2 kabir3 kabir4 kabir5 kabir6 kabir7 kabir8 kabir9 kabir10 kabir12 kabir13 kabir14 kabir15 kabir16 kabir17Kabir says what you understand is who you are. Be patient and tough, a fire burns in the ocean. We care about each other because time doesn't care about who we are.

Living through much, we find what is necessary for happiness. Nature, books, music and love -- it fills us so completely. If you follow your bliss, you live that life that was there for you all along. Follow your heart and never doubt what no one is sure of.

"All darkness will vanish when you see the light inside your heart," said Kabir.

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kimono by Kerol D

make up by Zoe Renne

photos by Roon Child