by Rachel Lynch in

(Photo from vice.com -- go check out their article with all the fun facts & figures: http://www.vice.com/read/should-i-donate-money-to-kony-2012-or-not )

Since some of you have some issues with my last post... Let's clear some things up. I am IN NO WAY saying we shouldn't stop Kony. Kony is a BAD, BAD, BAD man who does need to be hung by his balls from the horn of a unicorn... but my post has little to do with "stopping" or "not stopping" Kony. Actually, it has nothing to do with such things.

My point is this: I feel that videos & tee-shirts & images of these sorts perpetuate the racists, supremacist and ignorant ideas we have about Africa. All these American Christian groups are doing is helping erase the blame away from the United States for what's really going on in countries like Uganda. (My blog may get deleted by the United States Government for saying that.)

Literally passed through Ugandan Parliament, THIS YEAR, is a movement that seeks to kill  all gay and homosexual individuals living in the country. And, oh, no, this is not the workings of African people or the African mindset... Want to know who planted the seed for this little idea over there?

AN AMERICAN CHRISTIAN GROUP!!!! This Conservative Christian Group better known as, "The Family", hosts a famous breakfast each year for all sitting presidents. It's no secret, they're not hiding, they're right in front of our faces. GOOGLE IT. Oh, and this rebel army that rolls with Kony? Backed by some pretty  savvy Americans, one of whom has a picture with the first George Bush.

Doesn't take a genius to figure this shit out, but then again... it doesn't take a genius to retweet: "stopkony," either.