i've got a juicebox and a white striped car

by Rachel Lynch in

This week was spent filling sketchbooks, fine art performances, wooden galleries of paintings and dancing to Hot Like Sauce. I just returned back from a series of art showings in Wicker Park. The location was stunning and so unconventional. It was a bunch of different rooms in this old apartment building where the artists lived and worked. Alongside their many paintings for sale lied their beds and mini-fridges. It’s really compelling to see the area in which a creator inhabits. Something so valuable lies in the way in which their personal belongs are placed and tossed around. I’d love to work and play 24/7 in a place like that. Their was plenty of wine and an air of gratefulness swarming through the herds of hungry eyes. Nothing is as refreshing as that kind of energy.

Just wanna tell you right now, I really do feel it.