i've been working on white lies

by Rachel Lynch in

It was 3am when they knocked on the door. We were sitting naked on the living room floor singing the songs of the ocean. As the sound of the pounding on the door came protruding into our dream land, we ran for the back bedroom. I threw on your tee-shirt and you grabbed the bags and quickly disposed of them down the toilet. The pounding on the door remained consistent with our speeding heart-beats and I told you how stupid you were watching it soar down the toilet.

Perplexed by my response, you looked at me and said, 'Why?' As you held the blanket around you and I stood there, hair in a long un-brushed braid and your wrinkled tee-shirt, I simply tried to tell  you that when coke dissolves in water it takes protons from it, leaving an OH- behind, making the water carry a slightly highter pH.

Still perplexed at me, you said, "I thought, you were pretty stupid." I stood there with a blank face, both of us still acknowledging the loud pounding seeping through the apartment door now accomplished by a roaring voice.

He's right. I am stupid. Stupid for thinking I could soar off and ignore the world with a ignoramus like him.

You create your own reality, but you don't need substances to do it.

Trust me.