its not a miracle, we need it

by Rachel Lynch in

here’s more to a picture then what meets the eye, rock and roll will never die.

Out of the black and back in again, My mind is reaching new highs and even lower lows. In all good hope, I’m trusting that I’m only feeling down due to overwhelming social obligations and school work. I’m guess I just need some time alone, I’ve been avoiding the biggest questions and conveniently the most important.

Yesterday, I woke up and crawled into the bathroom with a terrible feeling in my throat. I began to cough blood into the toilet. Fearful of reasons as to why, I’m praying that its simply due to the negative temperatures that have arrived in the city.

My, My, Hey, Hey, Out of the blue.

Once again, I find myself indifferent to everything. Inclined towards the whispers in my ears and the spinning voices in my head, I want to see sound and taste colors.  Things are so vivid sometimes its almost to much, I want to take a million photographs of the world around me. From the 10th floor classroom windows to the endless city streets I pace down, come find me on the playground of my mind.

One more week and then its off to the wild.