it's a chemical thing...

by Rachel Lynch in

 Sugar sweet sucrose and chemical bonds, it's my own double helix but you can play along. A lot coming from me cause the grind is there, astronomy posters on my wall like "damn i'd like to be out there."

"The real purpose of the scientific method is to make sure nature hasn't misled you into thinking you know something that you actually don't"

Lately I've been working on some health care research, studying the system from the inside out. It seems that all science coverage nowadays tends to come from the world of medicine, the stories of what will kill you or save you. Maybe it's American narcissism, but we all believe that miracle drugs are going to cure our problems, heal our cancers and make our waistlines disappear like magical smoke behind the trick mirror. Our ability to learn what really heals us or keeps us healthy is extremely distorted by the media and the pharmaceutical crack houses.

In the United States and New Zealand (but nowhere else in the developed world) drug companies are allowed to advertise their pills directly to the public, often with bizarre results.

You will never see me on a pill for my make believe ADD, i'm through will all this diagnonsense.