inorganic madness, subatomic bullets

by Rachel Lynch in

This world is insanity, madness, delirious grueling holes of atomic nonsense that all scientifically fuck on a regular basis. We divide this green and blue circle into things we call countries, and those countries strategically plot new idiotic ways to butt fuck the other, because we have nothing better to do than obliterate the other party. We make our moves, one giant blue and green chess board on which we develop our sleeping, army-nation minds.

We're not really learning anything, not really getting anywhere. I'm frustrated, I'm stuck. I want to lash out, but I don't know who to blame, who to verbally hand it to.

Maybe the only finger we can point is the four facing back at us. The only one to blame is our own soul. The one that didn't light fire to every opportunity, the one that didn't dine and dash, the one that mentally cashed out 30 billion fucking years ago when we traded in our souls for a dime.