in my hood

by Rachel Lynch in ,

IMG_2964 copyIMG_2987 copynewyork1IMG_3109 copyIMG_2967 copyIMG_3153 copyIMG_3145 copyIMG_2993 copyIMG_2994 copyThat Bushwick black hoodie shit. Welcome to my side of Brooklyn. Around here, they know what I do. They give me that groupie love. When I say jump, they say, "how high?" It's one hell of a first impression. And in a city this big, you'll learn quick how to separate the real from the fake ones. And don't step to me, you need to do your research to see who you're fucking with. New York City hoes. Put your hoods up, I'm here now. It ain't hard to tell a bitch from New York.

new york crop hoodie by Danielle Guizio 

plaid skirt by NastyGal

photos by Shooka