in her music box

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IMG_6894 copyIMG_6669 copyIMG_6613 copyIMG_6614 copyIMG_6631 copyIMG_6655 copychebo1IMG_6734 copyIMG_6788 copyIMG_6897 copyIMG_6924 copyIMG_7147IMG_7149IMG_6794 copyHere's a few photos I shot of the beautiful, Chelsea Morgan during my trip in LA. She kindly let me stay in her place for almost two weeks. And she's just the girl her image projects. She's the LA version of Edie Sedgwick with a little studio apartment above a vintage store in Silverlake. She has a tiny white puppy dog that she takes everywhere she goes, castings, photo shoots, the bar. She has racks of vintage clothing, furs, mary-jane platforms and cat-eye sunglasses.

You can catch her this Superbowl Sunday in the Pepsi commercial. A few years ago, when I first met her, she had arrived in LA with nothing but five dollars in her pocket. Now I stare at her from across the apartment, Los Angeles sun shining in through the kitchen windows as she throws vintage clothing all around the floor, deciding what to wear to get breakfast while simultaneously feeding her dog and talking to her agent on the phone about this and that casting today. She's turned into a beautiful girl, not just on the outside, but with a heart bigger than all the golden sunshine in LA.